Property Pro: Beginners

If You’re A Newbie Interested In The Fundamental Principles Of Property Investments, Look No Further.

This 6+ hour audio program will give you the foundation you need in order to get the most out of the Property Pro: Investments program. We’ll discuss all the significant principles that you need to know before you invest in property.

You’ll learn:

  • An introduction to property investments, the Formula For Riches® and the property investor’s mindset.
  • The seven secret laws of a successful property investor, and the key to how you can use them.
  • How to identify the different types of property investments that you can use to build your property portfolio.
  • The critical rules you’ve got to know before you even consider buying a property.
  • The principles of cash flow, residential letting, cyclical markets and the basics of financial bond calculations.
  • How to determine the true market value of a property and the house price movements.
  • How to find and identify the right property, negotiate and finance the deal and increase the value of your property.
  • An introduction to different financial entities, resources and financial calculators.

Property Pro Beginners Audio Internet Program is a self study Course. This Course is for all Property tycoons to be. It will take about seven hours to work through. This course set is a recording of the Property Pro Beginners Workshop that I presented.

We have come to realize there is a definite need for a basic Property Investment Course, for all would be property investors, to address the basics. A course with the objective to empower the beginner, to discuss all the serious questions that usually damp your enthusiasm.

Property investment is really possible for everybody who wants to retire wealthy or at least be comfortable in their golden years. All it takes is knowledge and responsibility. With the knowledge part, I am willing to help you, by sharing my experience of over 23 years with you. These are the topics that we’ve discussed.

A Short Desciption Of Whats Included In This Course:

  • Introduction.
  • Formula for Riches.
  • The Right Mindset.
  • The 7 Laws of Property Investment.
  • The Zeroth Law - You must want to do it.
  • The First Law - Invest in yourself first, then in property.
  • The Second Law - Cash flow is more important than capital.
  • The Third Law - Take control.
  • The Fourth Law - Always buy from a motivated (sometimes uninformed) seller.
  • The Fifth Law - Do not become emotionally involved.
  • The Sixth Law - Negotiate your way to financial freedom.
  • The Seventh Law - Financial Structures - Protect yourself and your assets.
  • Residential Letting.
  • Cyclical Markets.
  • How to find the right Property.
  • Negotiating the Deal.
  • Ways to Increase the Value of your Property.
  • How to Determine the Market Value of a Property.
  • How to Determine the Market Value of a Property.
  • The Principals of Cash Flow and the Basics of Financial Bond Calculations.
  • How to Determine the House Price Movements.
  • Resources and Financial Calculators.
  • Overview of the Different Financial Entities.

This includes the Property Pro Beginners manual.

Property Pro: Beginners Program

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