Today, Saturday, I attended your seminar at LERIBI LODGE after attending it 10 years ago as well.

At that stage already I decided – with the moral support of my auditor – to stop ALL my policies in order to take control of my financial future.  I was disillusioned and extremely upset about the return delivered by Sanlam and realized I was going to retire one day in total poverty, unable to fulfil my obligations to my family and myself.

I came across into a lot of resistance from many people.

Today, and thanks to your input, I own quite a few properties – around R25 million in total – with an income stream of around R245 000 per month.

I am able to send each of my 4 children to university.

Today I realized the biggest mistake I made, was not to stay tuned and expand my field of knowledge. If I had gone ahead “doing the calculations” as you always say, my portfolio would have been three times bigger.

- Johan

I would like to take this time to thank you Hannes for your insight in the fields of property, tax and many others. Your workshop was packed with very useful information and it was well balanced - that will change the outcome of the lives of people that attended.

- Paul D S

Our minds are still reeling with all the information we learnt on the workshop. We have gained a lot of knowledge and appreciate the way you explained the purchasing of property , tax incentives and having the right mindset in an easy-to-understand way.

- Frank and Margie S

The most profound statements that changed our mindset we ever had the privilege to hear, and the most devastating to what we were leaded to believe. It is said that bankers, agents and advisors knows what's best - or so we were told and we believed them. Now we know we can be so very rich (knowledge, freedom, understanding) by just taking control over what we want. The course was the best investment we ever made in our selves. Thank you Hannes.

- - D&A Fourie

I am in the process of starting my own business from scratch, including relocating my family to do this. You're enthusiasm and knowledge has given me even more determination to succeed. I realize I have got to make it work by implementing your principals at the same time enjoy it. I have also learned to evaluate and calculate before making decisions. I will be having another look at my portfolio tonight. Thank you for the manner in which you presented the seminar.

- - G du Bruin

Very informative.

- - C Watkins

Brilliant, Hannes is very dynamic and totally different from normal lectures. Although I already try to think out of the box, this was refreshing and insightful. Hannes did not spoon-feed the audience-excellent. We have to think for ourselves, do the research and increase your knowledge and apply it.

- D Bredenkamp

Vanaf die eerste Property Pro kursus tot nou toe het ek 5 beleggingseiendomme gekoop en my finansiële situasie is baie beter.  Dankie.


Your course has been very valuable to me. Over the past 3 years I have experienced the possibilities that could be available to me to capitalize on, yet I was afraid to do them. Today I am ready and confident to start. I know I will achieve extreme wealth now.

- C Steyn

Grow wealth without using your own funds.  By only using the calculation method (Property Pro Workshop) helped me to obtain 7 properties.  Create something out off nothing by doing your own calculations

- AS

Thanks to your passion and the way that you shared your knowledge and experience with me in one day. I have bought 57 properties since attending your property Pro Workshop seven months ago. You have changed my life forever. There is no way to repay you for what you have given me. Thanks.

- - J v/d M

It was a very informative and interesting workshop. I learnt about more practical investments principles and strategies on this one day than I have in studying investments in general.

- - J D S